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Unauthorized Posts

I sincerely apologize for the string of unauthorized posts that you may have received this morning. Somehow an individual was able to post from my account. We have updated settings and passwords and hope that it has been resolved. You can simply delete the posts from this morning. I hope you have a wonderful day […]

2017 Letter from the President

(Click on image to give during Centre Gives event) As we prepare for this year’s Centre Gives fundraiser, I wanted to take a moment to update our supporters on the current direction and focus of Your Marriage Matters. You may have noticed that we have been rather quiet in our publications and events over the […]

Exciting or Mundane?

Written by Your Marriage Matters intern: Kristen Elliott I can’t help but get excited when I think about getting married someday. I’ve been dating my boyfriend for quite awhile now (5 years to be exact), and we’ve been dreaming about marriage ever since our first date. What about marriage is so appealing that both young […]

Love Languages

Loving your spouse should be easy, right?  Afterall, you chose to marry him/her.  There seems to be a cultural myth that loving your spouse should be easy if they are “the right person”.  People leave relationship after relationship hoping that the next set of arms they fall into will be “the one” and therefore will […]

Is it about the nail?

  If you haven’t yet, watch the video above. Go ahead, I think you’ll enjoy it.   I want to tell you a story about a younger and more foolish me. One evening as my wife and I were talking about our day, she started to share a story with me about some conflict taking […]

Valentine’s Day, Here Again

It is that time of year again, when all the lovey-dovey Facebook posts reach their peak. When the rose market experiences an “inexplicable” 300% mark up. When restaurants become filled to capacity and supermarket greeting card isles are packed with men frantically swooping in to scavenge the remaining few greeting cards available. (Been there, done that) With all the […]