Valentine’s Day, Here Again

It is that time of year again, when all the lovey-dovey Facebook posts reach their peak. When the rose market experiences an “inexplicable” 300% mark up. When restaurants become filled to capacity and supermarket greeting card isles are packed with men frantically swooping in to scavenge the remaining few greeting cards available. (Been there, done that) With all the noise and reason for pessimism it can be hard to find joy and love on this special day. You may be caught between inflated expectations or deflated realism regarding the approaching evening. But I have a word of hope…

Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be an annoyance or cause for nausea; nor does it need to be a soul crushing shattering of your expectations. (Were they even attainable to begin with?) Regardless of how you and your partner choose to celebrate this day of love, let it simply be an opportunity to remind yourself, and your partner, of the love you share. If that is best communicated through gifts, then be thoughtful; if it is best said through words, than be sincere; if it is best displayed by touch, then snuggle up; if it is best shared through service, go above and beyond; and if it is best reflected through time together, then be fully present with heart, mind, body and soul.

Valentine’s Day isn’t about the commercialism or the “perfect” date, it isn’t about the over the top grandiosity, or the romanticism. It is simply about you and your partner, carving a moment of time out of a chaotic life to say “I Love You” however that is best said.

Valentine’s Day isn’t about the “stuff”; it is about showing your affection to the one you love, in the way they need to hear it.



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