National Marriage Month, 2016

SnowAs I sit here on a cold, wet and dreary February morning in central PA, trying to write an inspiring invitation to celebrate National Marriage Month, I was faced with a perplexing question: why February to celebrate marriage? It’s often dreary, still dark, and possesses a lingering post-Christmas holiday depression. Not exactly Hollywood romance material. Looking at an isolated moment in time seems to paint a bleak picture, but I wondered how that would change if I expanded my perspective.

I compared where I currently stand (February) in contrast to where I just was (January) and where I was going (March). January is darker, colder, and more depressing on just about any scale I could conceive. The average temperature in my area holds at a stagnant 39F all month long. While March, on the other hand, holds the promise of Spring: rising temperatures, increased sunshine and blossoming hopefulness. And February stands right between the two. With the shadow of hardship at it’s back and the warmth of future hope stretching over it’s face, maybe February is the perfect month to focus our attention upon Marriage.


Sunday, February 7th kicks off Marriage Week

ending on Valentine’s Day Sunday February 14th

At Your Marriage Matters we want to challenge and encourage you to focus your attention upon your marriage during this season. We have linked some prior blog posts to help you refocus your marriage and we will be posting more throughout the month. I would invite you to set aside some time to look them over, share them with your spouse, and consider using one of the challenges each day next week.

This isn’t about staying stuck where you were,
but rather taking the first step towards where you want your marriage to be. 

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