Exciting or Mundane?

Written by Your Marriage Matters intern: Kristen Elliott

I can’t help but get excited when I think about getting married someday. I’ve been dating my boyfriend for quite awhile now (5 years to be exact), and we’ve been dreaming about marriage ever since our first date.

What about marriage is so appealing that both young men and women desire to get married even with our culture shifting away from it? Personally, as a non-married young adult, the most appealing aspect is going through life with a partner. Life is hard as it is but sounds so much better knowing that I don’t have to do it alone; I could have a special partner whose job it is to stand by my side. Likewise, it would be my job to stand by his side no matter what life throws at us. I asked many of my peers, and they agreed that having a partner to do life with is one of the most appealing aspects of a future marriage.

How is it then that so many married couples choose to escape this marriage that was once appealing? On the single side of life, it’s easy to view marriage as a new and exciting phase of life. However, I know that someday, like most things in life, it will become an everyday, usual occurrence. I hope that my future spouse and I can fight through that normalcy and still recognize marriage as a new, exhilarating adventure each and every day. I hope the same thing for your marriage.

What was it about marriage that excited you and your spouse before you got married? Are you living that out in your current marriage? If not, how can you tap into that excitement now even in the mundane parts of life?

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