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Being sorry for disappointing your partner.

So you’re sorry for disappointing your partner. As a follow up of sorts to my last post, Dealing with Disappointment, I’d like to share a few quick thoughts on how to respond when we find ourselves in this unenviable position. Two prevailing principles are at play here: say what you mean & mean what you say; and actions speak louder than words.

Valentine’s Day, Here Again

It is that time of year again, when all the lovey-dovey Facebook posts reach their peak. When the rose market experiences an “inexplicable” 300% mark up. When restaurants become filled to capacity and supermarket greeting card isles are packed with men frantically swooping in to scavenge the remaining few greeting cards available. (Been there, done that) With all the […]

Soul-mates or Sole-Mates?

  I interact with quite a variety of couples in a given week, from optimistic pre-marital couples to venomous affairs and everything in between. Through out these interactions I’ve realized one of the common threads linking them all together, or at least 80% of them, is the belief in soul-mates. This seems innocent enough, right? False. I […]

Love, a progressive disease?

So I’ve got this theory about love. Actually it was more of a momentary thought, but I kinda like it. I believe that to the “self”, love is a progressive disease. I know, sounds harsh coming from an MFT right? Let me explain. As defined by, a disease is: “An impairment of the normal […]

Is it wrong to stay single?

After last week’s post, Is it wrong to marry young?, I find it important to discuss the alternative to this question; Is it wrong to stay single? (As in not married, not romantically unattached.) While some segments of society place judgment upon those marrying at an early age, there are still other segments, *cough* parents *cough*, […]

Is it wrong to marry young? 1

According to this blog, posted on the Huffington Post, one young, and divorced writer believes that raising the age of marriage to 25 would save much heartache and trouble; in fact, it may even improve the institution of marriage and the individuals getting married. You see, she married at the age of 24, and just […]

5 Common Marriage Myths: #5 Sex in marriage: “Unlimited nirvana or huge let-down?”

  Marriage Myth #5: Sex in marriage: “Unlimited nirvana or huge let-down?” This myth comes in two flavors, partially dependent on your sexual experience before marriage, and partially influenced by your expectations in marriage. For those with limited or no sexual experience before marriage, such as those who choose to abstain from sex before marriage, there […]

5 Common Marriage Myths: #3 You can save your marriage by having a child.

We all have certain myths that we just love to believe. From the guilty pleasure of believing in the Hollywood fairy tale, to still wondering if there is a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow, myths abound in our society. Unfortunately, myths also abound in our marriages. This series of posts will explore 5 […]