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Soul-mates or Sole-Mates?

  I interact with quite a variety of couples in a given week, from optimistic pre-marital couples to venomous affairs and everything in between. Through out these interactions I’ve realized one of the common threads linking them all together, or at least 80% of them, is the belief in soul-mates. This seems innocent enough, right? False. I […]

Love, a progressive disease?

So I’ve got this theory about love. Actually it was more of a momentary thought, but I kinda like it. I believe that to the “self”, love is a progressive disease. I know, sounds harsh coming from an MFT right? Let me explain. As defined by, a disease is: “An impairment of the normal […]

Is it wrong to stay single?

After last week’s post, Is it wrong to marry young?, I find it important to discuss the alternative to this question; Is it wrong to stay single? (As in not married, not romantically unattached.) While some segments of society place judgment upon those marrying at an early age, there are still other segments, *cough* parents *cough*, […]